Available on Barre Body Online or in-studio



Meet your Shake It Off online team! Knockout Nicki, Leggy Liana, Lovely Lauren, Gorgeous Gabby, Joyful Jordine and Charismatic Caitlin. They’re your instructors on this six weeks of movement, joy, fun and serious sweat.



The entire Barre Body team will be shaking it off this January! So whichever class you join, you’ll be in on the action. Simply sign up to 5 classes per week, track your progress with our Shake It Off challenge board, and you’re on your way to shake, shake, shake, shake, shaking it off!




  • I’m a Member - how do I sign up?
    Click this link. Enter your details, then you’re on the list!

  • I’m not a Member - how do I sign up?
    We’d love to have you! When you sign up to be a Barre Body Online Member, you’ll receive access to the Shake It Off Challenge for free. 
  • I’m not a Member - what’s the cost?
    This depends on whether you join on a monthly, quarterly or annual Membership. Check out all the prices here. Remember, you receive 7 days free and can cancel at any time!

  • When will I receive the workouts?
    You’ll receive your workouts for the week every Monday morning. 

  • Do I need to do the 5 workouts on the set days?
    No! You do you. 

  • Will the workouts remain on Barre Body Online after their week (and after the challenge)?
    Yes - they’re yours for life.

  • How long are the workouts for?
    30 minutes per day, five days per week, for six weeks.

  • Will there be stretching?
    Yes, there will be short stretches at the end of each workout, but you are welcome to add any stretches (we have lots of guided stretch classes on Barre Body Online) you require after your workouts.


  • I’m an Unlimited Member - how do I sign up?
    Click right here! Then remember to add your name to the challenge board when you’re next in the studio.

  • I’m a 2-class Member. Can I participate?
    Of course you can! If you’d like to upgrade to an Unlimited Membership for the duration of the Challenge, please contact our team here

  • I’m not a Member. How do I sign up?
    Simply become an Unlimited Member by clicking here. Then sign up for the Challenge right here!

  • Can I participate in-studio and online?
    Of course you can! Go you good thing!

  • What classes do I need to do?
    Whichever your heart desires. All classes throughout the Shake It Off Challenge - at all studios - will be tailored to your Challenge.

  • I need more info - help!
    Please reach out to our team for everything you need to know.